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Clients' Pictures

The pictures you see here are actual places where my seashell creations are displayed. Interior Designers also, made this possible, as they too were delighted with the outcomes and results of my artistically inclined seashell designs.

Large Seashell Decor Mirrors

Each Seashell Mirror is named and has measurement available for each design.  However, a larger custom design and different shapes from the one pictured ( square, round, rectangular) can be made if needed. Email or call Bea to place your order or for further information of her designs. If you do not see the colors or the design you are looking for, call or email Bea with other requests.

​Small Seashell Decor mirrors​

Smaller seashell mirrors are available.  I can design any shape, color and size per customers request. Email or call me to place your order or for further info. I have many small mirror designs not posted on this  site.

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