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More seashell and coastal Decor

Seashell Crosses 

​​All of the seashell crosses are made out of wood and decorated with seashells. Most sizes are 10 inches but larger or smaller sizes can be made as well. Please call  or email me to place your order.  I can also email you pictures of other crosses I have designed.

Seashell Picture Frames

All seashell picture frames come in many sizes. Most popular sizes are 5 X 7 and 8 X 10. This implies to the size of the picture frame's window where your picture is going to be displayed. The outside measurements vary depending on the design .Please specify whether you want your frame to stand on a surface or to hand on a wall.

Seashell Clocks

The seashell clocks are all battery operated. Some are ready for wall hanging with hardware and wire ready. Other clocks are for surface standing.The clocks are completely covered with seashells. I can custom design any clock and any size.


Vanity light fixture 

Description coming soon!

Approximately 12 inches wide and 15 3/4 inches tall ( 26 inches tall with candles in place, candles included) "Ocean Light" candelabra is designed with broken pieces of natural Abalone shell. The arms where the candles are are held, are painted with turquoise paint. The candelabra has among other accents of tiny white shells blue-green limpets to balance the design. Coral pieces are incorporated to make this seashell decorated piece exquisite! I can picture this candelabra on top of a table in someone's home or as also a wedding decor where the guest wedding book is place for the signing of attending guests. This is one of a kind seashell art piece. Other requests can be taken and made similar to this seen here. This piece is in stock. 

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