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Seashell Mirrors 

Below are images of my seashell mirrors. Every single shell is precisely placed with care. This size decor will light up any room and bring the oceans spectacular beauty in full view. 


Large Seashell Decor Mirrors

Each Seashell Mirror has a design name and measurement available for a design but, a larger custom design and different colors and shapes from the one pictured ( square, round, rectangular) can be made if needed. Email or call me to place your order or for further information on my designs. 

Small Seashell Decor mirrors

Smaller seashell mirrors are available. Please call Bea to place your order and if you would like her to design one in a different shape or a larger size then the measurements you see. I have many small mirror designs not posted on this site and I can also make a large seashell design shown here into a smaller one.  

Want to buy a gift but don't know what to get? BTD has gift certificates available at any price.* 

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